Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful events in a couple’s life. Conceiving a child brings utmost joy in the life of women making her feeling complete.

Pregnancy can have a great impact on women’s ability to function everyday work. Many physical and hormonal changes are responsible for making women feel at times quite uncomfortable during the pregnancy process.

However, women do not have to accept that these feelings of discomfort are unmanageable. Physiotherapy can improve women health during pregnancy by reducing discomfort,

preparing the body for delivery and also to accelerate the recovery process after the birth of the baby.

Physiotherapy is able to help the body to cope with musculature, mobility, respiratory and circulatory issues. The entire nervous system can be greatly enhanced by using certain physiotherapy techniques to improve its function.

By imple-menting a regular physiotherapy programme as part of your pregnancy care regime, you maybe able to treat problems associated with lower back pain, neck and head pain, pain in the hamstrings due to the feet becoming flatter, nerve compression symptoms such as tingling sensations in the arms and bladder control problems. A physiotherapy programme can be tailored specifically for each woman’s individual needs.

It is recommended that women attend between four to six instructional sessions in order to learn how to use and incorporate the techniques into their daily exercise or care regime. The session should focus on specific movements and exercises to reduce and manage pain effectively and to assist in development of healthy postural alignment and balance of the body. Particular techniques are designed to enhance flexibility in the soft tissues and joints.
There are variety of techniques that can be used for mental and physical relaxation. Relaxation exercises are just as important as those that help to increase strength and flexibility.

After the birth of the baby, rehabilitation can be accelerated by incorporating postpartum physiotherapy techniques into the regular exercise programme. The use of physiotherapy, combined with the professional guidance and advice of the practitioner can definitely help to make pregnancy and recovery more enjoyable. Because we should remember that this benefits gained through the use of physiotherapy will be extended to the baby, if a mother is feeling more happy and comfortable.

The write-up is compiled by Umma Shaila Rumki, a specialist in women’s health physiotherapy.

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