Doctor at Home

The establishment of Hello Home Doctor Service Shebalagbe came about from an idea at a local networking event where members of the healthcare community were discussing the lack of access to available after-hours service in the Shebalagbe area


Hello Home Doctor Services offers a bulk billed, Doctor home visit in the following after-hours period: –
WEEKNIGHTS from 6 pm until 8 am the following morning
WEEKENDS from 12 pm Saturday to 8 am Monday
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS all day on public holidays including Ipswich Show Day


• To provide the highest standard of patient care incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness;
• To provide continuity of care by working in conjunction with General Practices, nursing homes and aged care facilities;
• To not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with the upmost due respect including encouraging and promoting a healthier community; and
• To foster a culture of collaboration, respect and mutual recognition and we make a commitment to ensuring continuous quality improvement within our service.


Our Doctors are fully equipped to treat acute and episodic conditions. Our Doctors carry both a supply of emergency medicines and a majority of normally prescribed medicines. These can be administered when an initial dose of medication if necessary and a prescription provided which can be filled in the morning.