On-Demand Customer Support

Access to on-demand support engages your most committed fundraisers and largest donors so that their technology questions are answered right away, empowering them to raise and donate more. For staff, it frees up their time to focus on the event and fundraising experience. Let us handle all your phone, chat and email needs in a turn-key solution tailored to your event program.

Optimize by Channel

Select the right combination of phone, chat and email support that will empower your constituents to get answers on demand.

On-Demand Support

Whether you need support during regular business hours or just nights and weekends, we can tailor a schedule to fit your program and budget.

Drive Fundraising and Donations

Support users make larger gifts and raise more money than those who don’t reach out – make sure you are supporting your most engaged constituents.

Insights and Optimization

We aggregate case data to make recommendations for improving your event and web experience.