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Health is a right, not a privilege. It needs to be enjoyed with equity.

Our Services

Shebalagbe is a groundbreaking initiative to facilitate the next generation of healthcare for Bangladesh. At Shebalagbe we offer an online based doctors’ appointment service with thefacility of an electronic personal health record system, the first of its kind in our country, on both Web and Mobile app platforms. The state-of- the-art IT platform is designed to empower people to take charge of their own health using mHealth. The integration of health-care seekers with healthcare providers such as hospitals & doctors and subsequent discount offers under one umbrella provides a great opportunity for a paperless and cashless treatment process for every individual under the universal wellness program.

Personal Health Record

Managing health records by individuals to "take charge of their own health"

Ask a Doctor

If you have any medical quarries, ask a free question using ‘Ask a Question’.

Book Appointment

With Shebalagbe you can enjoy “Book Appointment” with doctors of your choose specialists.

Health Directory

With Shebalagbe you can Find Ambulance, Hospital, Pharmacy, Blood Bank in Bangladesh.

Hospital Discount

Shebalagbe members will enjoy major discounts at our panel hospital

Health Tourism

We will take you through every step to avail treatment internationally.

Health Package

You can easily pick a preferred health package for you and your family.

If you need any kind of other health related service, Please feel free to contact with us.